The Duke Boutique Suites

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The Duke Boutique Suites

Our suites combine the luxury of a 5-star hotel with the coziness and autonomy of a private, VIP residence. These exclusive apartment-suite hybrids feature a sophisticated version of luxury that offers the best in comfort, utility as well as aesthetics.

The materials and detailing were chosen with space, symmetry and light in mind, to convey a sense of elegance, serenity and harmony. Hardwood floors, glass and metal elements that support the building in a unique house-within-a-house structure.

Guaranteed discreet and upscale service, combined with smart appliances, that take all stress out of your stay. Spacious suites filled with natural light and a distinctive touch of class, in a minimalistic composition, equipped with modern furniture in fresh, light propagating and chic design, mainly in contrasting achromatic shades.

For example, the smart service system on each of our TV sets, allows you to order whatever you may need directly from your living room, such as room service, groceries straight from a local mini-market. This one-of-a-kind setting will fill your private moments with joy and serenity, whether your trip is for business or leisure.

Kolonaki is a veritable melting pot of culture, food and fun thanks to a well-balanced blend of Athenian connoisseurs who visit it for its vibrant city life and night scene.

As one of the city’s leading shopping areas, it boasts high-end boutiques, fine jewelry shops as well as some of the best cuisine in all of Athens..

Additionally you will find museums, art galleries and cultural venues to satisfy even the most passionate travelers.

For the museum lovers check out the Byzantine and Christian Museum, the Benaki Museum, the Archeological Museum and the War Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art and the EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art.

For those more art inclined you will also find the Greek National Gallery, the Fine Arts & Music Foundation M&B Theocharaki and the Skoufa Art Gallery. All of the locations mentioned above are within walking distance of The Duke Boutique Suites.

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The Duke Boutique Suites - Athens, Greece
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