Monese Credit/Debit Cards

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Be free to open the best current account for you


Open a GBP and EUR current account using your mobile in minutes, with no credit checks and no proof of address required.

Features for
financial wellness

Track your account activity in real-time, get an overview of your monthly outgoings, set budgets and set your savings aside from your day-to-day spending. Get account statements whenever you like.


Get added peace of mind from instant updates on your mobile whenever you receive or spend money.

Add money instantly and easily

Add money to your account instantly by debit card or bank transfer. You can also top up quickly using cash at Post Office and Paypoint locations across the UK.

Pay with your phone

Add Monese to your phone’s wallet and make smart, fast and secure contactless payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Your money goes further when you do

Spend on your Monese card and make ATM withdrawals worldwide with fee-free allowances and money-saving exchange rates.
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